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Posted: 08/12/09 01:42 PM
Author: lcg00
Location: San Jose, CA - USA
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Can anyone in the group identify this song?

Several months ago, I joined this forum because I could not remember the name or artist of a song from the 70's, and within a day, someone in the group was able to identify it from my admittedly obscure description.

If I may, I would like to ask this group for a little help, one more time.

In this case, I believe the song is much more recent than the last, possibly the late 90's or even later.

I believe one of the lines in the chorus is "Here we go again." but I can't be positive.

I have done all sorts of searching on lyrics web sites for various permutations of the above lyric, but it has not proved specific enough to narrow down.

If this were all I had to offer by way on information, I wouldn't even be bothering the group.

So, I can also offer the fact that I can hear, pretty much the complete song, (minus the lyrics) in my head.

Now, I'm not expecting any of you to channel the thoughts in my head, but I believe I have done the next best thing.

I downloaded an evaluation copy of a songwriting application and proceeded to jot down several stanzas of the song, which I then converted to a video file and uploaded to the following link, for your listening pleasure:


Before you listen to it though, please keep in mind that I am not a musician, nor do I know how to use the songwriting software very well. (Which will immediately become obvious.)

Admittedly, there are problems with some of the inter-note timing, but I believe this rudimentary version of the song should be enough for someone in the group, who is familiar with it, to identify.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


Aaron From OHWC
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