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Posted: 10/27/09 01:02 PM
Author: jara
Location: czech republic
Posts: 13


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1975 song-help with lyrics
Hi- maybe somebody could help me to resolve one of my ?music mysteries?. There is poor sound quality clip here -recorded off Radio Luxembourg in 1975-1976. Would you be kind enough to listen to clip? Maybe you could identify something.
Goes something like this:
...????? And(when?) I say goodbye I mean I don?t wanna try (drive?) to live aside you anymore
?????? (And?) I come away
I told you I can?t stay ,so long and let me satisfy.....

Are lyrics right? Can you complete them?
????? part could be the title of song!

link to clip



Posted: 10/28/09 01:56 PM
Author: jara
Location: czech republic
Posts: 13


1975 song-help with lyrics
first word or words sounds like
"one band" ?
or "London" ?
or "one man" ?
any ideas?

Aaron From OHWC
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