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Posted: 03/26/10 03:23 PM
Author: grahamr
Location: Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Posts: 1


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help with song title, please
Hi all. A week ago I heard a song I hadn't heard in three or so decades. I believe it's from the 70s. It used to mean a lot to me. After the station finished playing it, the jock never announced the title. I have an email in to them but haven't heard anything yet.

It is Bowie-esque in sound. A rock song. Piano. Slow yet jaunty beat. Voice reminiscent of Marc Bolan (T. Rex), but not as British (maybe not British at all).

Here's how the chorus goes:

She said hey
You look a lot like a cowboy.
She said hey
You sound a lot like a cowboy.
She said hey
There'll never be a time like now, boy
To take me for a ride.

The music changes with each verse. The song tells the story between a man and a woman. I keep thinking it's "The Ballad of..." but I really have no idea.

Can anyone help? Would love to know the title and the artist.


Aaron From OHWC
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