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Posted: 04/06/10 02:31 PM
Author: skorney
Location: Toronto
Posts: 3


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Pufnstuff - Who's it by? (with link to song)
I had the 45 from the early 70s, but can no longer find it (likely got "cleaned"). I've got the song in MP3 format, but can't remember who it was by. There is a version of the song by Jack Wild, but that's not this version (female vocal). I've not been able to find reference to any other version on the net. Help!

Song Upload (from an old mix cassette)

Lyrics: You're a dear little dragon

You're a personal pal
When our spirits are sagging
Who's tail is wagging friendly
Who's right there with his tender love and care

Posted: 11/13/10 06:32 AM
Author: megawatti
Location: Brazil
Posts: 12


Pufnstuff - Who's it by? (with link to song)
Quite a neat song
I found this same song under the name Stepford Kids - Pufnstuf
sung by young kids

Aaron From OHWC
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