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Posted: 05/14/10 07:17 AM
Author: ccure
Location: Jamaica
Posts: 1


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1960's/1970's/1980s R&B Song

Could you tell me the name of the Artist/Group who performed the R&B song probably starting with the lyrics:

"Tonight is so right to love and be loved...".


"Tonight is the night to love and be loved...".

The chorus probably starts with the word "Imagination" or "Infatuation"

The voice of the lead singer is almost similar to that of the lead singer in the Fantastic Four's rendition of "Mixed Up Moods and Attitudes".

It was either done in the 1960's or 1970's or first two years of the 1980's.

Its backing Rhythm bassline is almost like the slower version of the rhythm in Bob Marley's "Waiting In Vain" or The Dells "The Love We Had" or The Fantastic Four's "Mixed Up Moods and Attitudes"

Warmest Regards,

Aaron From OHWC
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