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Posted: 09/15/10 05:49 PM
Author: cyndeeta
Location: California
Posts: 13


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What?s this song from mid 1980s
I?m trying to remember the title of a song I used here on the radio while driving to work in the mid 1980s. The guy sings about how much trouble his life is. A lawyer is mentioned and bill collectors. But the song sounded kind of upbeat to me at the same time. It had a very danceable beat and a bluesy kind of guitar rhythm.

Posted: 09/15/10 06:25 PM
Author: Jim McPhail
Location: Texas
Posts: 10


What?s this song from mid 1980s
Just a guess, but on The Fabulous Thunderbird's 1986 "Tuff Enuff" album there was a song track that kind of fits your description.

The name of the song was "Why Get Up?" and it included Stevie Ray Vaughan as a guest musician. DJs liked to play it for the morning drive to work crowd because of the widely shared sentiments expressed by the title.

I don't know how to do a direct link on this forum, but if you copy and paste the following to your browser, you can listen to the song on YouTube:


Aaron From OHWC
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