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Posted: 10/22/05 05:11 PM
Author: Garret
Location: USA
Posts: 35


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Mach 5?
I've been trying for years now to find info for certain groups or songs. And now I've found this site. You people seem well-informed or remarkably adept at identifying items with almost no info. For my first question, it seems in 1968, there was a group out of Savannah GA called the Mach Five, or possibly Mock 5, not sure of spelling. Seems they had a song called "If I Could". Anybody familiar with it, or have some info for me? Thanks.

Posted: 10/22/05 08:15 PM
Author: Dan
Location: Claybricks
Posts: 2969


Mach 5?

Artist: Mach V

Mach V - If I Could

Associated Artists 102 45 1967 Savannah

Click to hear song clip

"If I Could" is available on CD

Pebbles Volume 10

Available at Amazon.com

Click here for CD

Click Here for information about Pebbles Series


Various Artists
AIP 5027

Record Collector 4/97:

No geographical focus, this time around, but the contents of Pebbles 10 hinge even more tightly on the peak punk years of 1965-67. How would the Shangri-La's have sounded if they'd changed sex and learned fuzz guitar? Like Leather Boy, whose snarling camp classics "I'm a Leather Boy" (yes, we'd noticed) and "On the Go" (very subtle) are among the prime cuts on this set. Rivals include Spirit (the band who gave up their name to let the California/Cassidy outfit live) on "No Time to Rhyme"; the Bruthers, whose "Bad Way to Go" is as nasty as their spelling; and Mach V, who shamelessly rework the "Pushing Too Hard" formula on "If I Could."

The rarest--and most sonically challenged--cut here is Gonn's "Doin' Me In", a sleazy, full-throated roar from the garage which has been plucked from an acetate which sounds as if it's been run over by Leather Boy. With the drums virtually absent from th emix, "Doin' Me In" automatically sheds a layer of menace, but what is audible is enough to confirm the band's reputation as punk purveyors par excellence.

And talking of the band--or rather, The Band--pray welcome the Canadian Squires, who confusingly have nothing to do with the Squires who came from Canada and were Neil Young's first recording outfit. No, this bunch of Squires were Levon an dthe Hawks, alias the Band of Music From Big Pink fame, enjoying an afternoon off from the prospect of being booed alongside Bob Dylan to cut a ragged slicce of growling R&B. "Leave Me Alone" isn't even a passable song, but Levon Helm is instantly recognisable as the throaty white bluesman, while Robbie Robertson throws off the kind of stinging, heatseeking solo that he virtually abandoned once the Hawks left Dylan and changed their name.

If the Band are the 'stars' of Pebbles 10, they're not alone, as some unlikely notables surface in the production credits. Doug "Louisiana Man" Kershaw, the king of cajun, was apparently responsible for making the Clockwork Orange sound so much like the Electric Prunes; even more strangely, Bill "Raunchy" Justis, a veteran musician and producer from Sun Records, oversaw the making of the Breakers' "Don't Send Me No Flowers". It takes a song which would have been ideal fodder for Sonny and Cher circa 1965, and leaves itin the garage with the fuzz pedals down. The result? The kind of pop-psych/garage crossover that breeds legends. If Elvis Presley had caught Justis letting that kinda trash out of the studio, he'd have told the Memphis Mafia to run him out of town.

Vox 5/97:

Volume 10 is worth buying for the utterly weird Leather Boy, a camp biker icon who made a truly demented eponymous single in 1967 that distills the very essence of '60s punk; it's like The Shangri Las tripping on Owsley acid. The Canadian Squires (represented with "Leave Me Alone") eventually mutated into The Band; this juvenilia with its pyrotechnic guitar is way preferable to their more 'tasteful' later incarnation as Dylan's stooges.

This link below also has "The Jesters"

Click here for playlist




Note: The Roman numeral for Five is used in the artist's name.

Posted: 11/05/05 10:49 PM
Author: Garret
Location: USA
Posts: 35


Mach 5?
That's it! That's the one. Pebbles series... Thanks, going to look into it, may have a lot more that Im looking for, too.
Posted: 11/05/05 10:58 PM
Author: Garret
Location: USA
Posts: 35


Two in one topic. Doing good. I never did know if the group I was looking for was called the Gestures or the Jesters. I listened to a couple of the Jesters songs and it wasn't the style I was looking for. Your playlist included the Gestures and I was able to find another link for them, which included the song, "Run, run, run." THAT was the one I was looking for. Funny that a couple years ago, when I did a search for the "Gestures", nothing came up. At least now I can buy it. Thanks again for your help.
Posted: 07/30/07 09:43 AM
Author: Mitchf
Location: USA
Posts: 1


Mach 5?
Group name was Mach V. Played in Savannah from about 1965 to 1969. Group included J. Tiedeman, R. Anderson, J Brook & M Freeman at the time "If I Could" was recorded.

Aaron From OHWC
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