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Posted: 03/12/05 02:52 PM
Author: Nino
Location: Texas
Posts: 4


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Fallen Lady song title/artist
I appreciate any help on one more from 1972. Sounds somewhat like Tom Jones. The lyrics go something like:

to be free, no longer me
to be loose, I?ve got no chance but what?s the use

you be fallen lady on my mind
down on my mind
you be fallen lady on my mind
on my mind

Posted: 03/13/05 06:58 PM
Author: Dan
Location: Claybricks
Posts: 2969


Fallen Lady song title/artist
I don't know if this is the group. I found this on Google...

Cherokee: Cherokee

Original release: 1971

Something To Believe In
Funky Business
Lady On My Mind
It Doesn't Matter Anymore
Strange Ways
All The Way Home
Changin' Winds
Feel Us Love
Catch The Velvet Evening

Note: Chris Hillman plays mandolin on one song, "Chattanooga." He reportedly plays bass on all songs.


I found another group (soul) that recorded a song by that name "Continental Express Band"


Aaron From OHWC
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