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Posted: 04/04/06 08:33 AM
Author: EGL11
Location: Italy
Posts: 5


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Please help me!
Hi everybody,
I need to ask to all of you a big favour: I heard a beautiful song on a CSI episode, I am interested in find it and considering I have redorded few seconds of it
I'd like to put it on this pages, but I am not able to do this.
Someone could help me telling what I have to do? I think the best thing will be to do what DAN (see MAMY BLUE Thread) did in his message of 12/22/05 to let people heard the different
versions of MAMY BLUE.


Posted: 04/07/06 08:44 AM
Author: Raven
Location: USA
Posts: 94


Please help me!

What can you tell us about the song? Is it just instrumental? Are there any lyrics? What was the episode of CSI - I might be able to locate it through that.

Posted: 04/08/06 10:57 PM
Author: raindog
Location: Missouri
Posts: 34


Please help me!
Look here...

Posted: 09/16/07 06:16 PM
Author: furplesnort
Location: Bellevue, WA.
Posts: 2


Please help me!
There are a few versions of 'Mamy Blue' or 'Mammy Blue'. My favoite version is 'Mamy Blue' by the Pop Tops done back in the 70's. You can find this song by the 'Pop Tops' in iTunes on the album '100 Anos 100 Canciones Vol. 8'.

Aaron From OHWC
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