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Posted: 04/24/05 08:47 AM
Author: gina62
Posts: 14


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bob seeger song
I'm trying to find a Bob Seeger song to download but for the life of me I can't remember the name of the song or the main driving line. I only remember the sound of it (reminded me of Bob Dylan and was fast moving) and it started off something like

He wakes up in the morning without looking at the sun
He gets up??? and reaches for his gun

(i remember the sun and gun rhyme and I think most of the lines rhymed like that)

One other line I recall was like
You see him here there everywhere (perhaps the song name??)
He's???!!! (somebodys name)

Surely there must be some Bob Seeger fans somewhere who know this. I only hope some are here. Thanks for any help.

Posted: 04/24/05 08:35 PM
Author: Dan
Location: Claybricks
Posts: 2969


bob seeger song
Subject: RE: Unidentified Bob Seger song Date: 04-24-2005

Author: Vic Ferri

Dan, that's Persecution Smith by Bob Seger. I have it in my collection and ya real Bob Dylan Highway 61 days style.

He rises every morning but he don't look at the sun
He reaches in the corner where he keeps his loaded gun
Then he checks the firing action,as he straps it to his chest
Plans an ambush for the mailman,even though it's all in jest
He's here he's there he's everywhere
He's found uptown and underground
Unlike my friend flicka you know he's not a myth
He's persecution, persecution, persecution smith!

He's found at every protest march you'll see him looking on
He'd soon join in to help but he thinks it's all in fun
Cause he isn't colorblind not to mention no one's fool
He knows how things should be but he ain't out to change no rule

His eyes can't see like you and me
His voice can't speak but only shreik
His brain is like jelly his muscles they are stiff
He's persecution persecution persecution smith!

You can't walk down the street no more without him walking by
You can't go to sleep at night without hearing him cry
You can't read a newspaper without reading about him
You can't escape him in the crowd for he will be among them

He's here he's there he's everywhere
He's found uptown and underground
In Watts, California you know who he was with
With persecution persecution persecution smith

When you're finished with your ideals
And you're finished with your dreams
When you're finished your crusading and no longer hear the screams
When you're finished trying to picture a world with people free
When you're finished looking up and the down is all you see
Then make your goal the first foxhole
And hide your head beneath your bed
Cause you won't be alone my friend you know who you'll be with
With persecution persecution persecution smith


Posted: 04/25/05 07:54 AM
Author: gina62
Posts: 14


bob seeger song
Tell Vic Ferri THANK YOU SO MUCH! I knew there had to be somebody in this huge world wide web that would know.

Aaron From OHWC
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