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Posted: 03/24/07 04:11 PM
Author: gina62
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French song, my generation
Hi, I asked this at One Hit Wonder but with no luck so I thought I would try here since it is an oldie I believe. It was a french song by a female from the 60s which contained only one line in english:
"I'm talkin bout my G - G - Generation"
I don't think there were any other english words in it. It was a female singing. I tried searching for My Generation cover versions but gets me nowhere. Any help most welcome and appreciated. Thank you.

Posted: 06/03/07 10:22 PM
Author: lyn
Location: canada
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French song, my generation
lucille starr was the one that sang french song becaues i have that one
Posted: 06/16/07 07:23 PM
Author: thickasthieves1
Location: usa
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French song, my generation
Hello, I believe I'm looking for the same song. Is it the song heard here:


I've tried to get in touch with the filmmakers, but no luck so far. Did you have any luck finding the artist? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
Posted: 06/16/07 07:41 PM
Author: Dan
Location: Claybricks
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French song, my generation
Vic Ferri answered this question at One Hit Wonder Central

Subject: RE: French My Generation Date: 04-01-2007
Author: vic

Original is by Jacqueline Taib who did the song in 1967 at the age of 18. She did the song in both french and english (I have both versions).

Original french version

Click to hear on Youtube

Contact info for Vic...



Aaron From OHWC
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