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Posted: 05/15/07 02:26 PM
Author: C-3
Location: California
Posts: 1


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Need Title/ Artist "Wait On Me Baby"
60s - 70s era. Soul Music. Song Starts Like This: My-y-y Darl-i-n-g. Dry Your Eye-e-e-s. Oh My Darl-l-ing, I Real-lize-e-e, That You Miss Me. And I - I Know. It's Been A Long, Long Time. Jus-s-s-t Wait, A Lit-tle Bit Long-er-r-r. And I Know Time-e-e. Will Make Your Love Strong-er. So-o-o Wai-i-i-t, Wait On Me Baby! I'll Soon Be Home. Oh Yes I Will. (lyrics gap-no sound, Then) Know-o-o I Feel, Alright. Oh Yes i Wish. I Know You've Been alone, since we been apart. But I-I Can Tell, By The Letter You Write Me Baby, That There's Still A Little love - Still A Little Love, Left In Your Heart. So-0-0 Wait, Wait On Me Baby. And I'll Be Home. I Don't Mean Maybe.It may Lite Up, A Big Fat News Story. But I'll Soon Be Knock - Knock - Knocking. Knocking On Your Door.Hey - Hey - Hey, Hey Baby! Alright, Come On Baby. (Please Help With Title Or Artist, Thanks C-3.

Aaron From OHWC
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