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Posted: 01/13/08 11:47 PM
Author: Warren
Location: New Zealand
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does anyone know?
an old song approx 1960-1967 that includes the words ( prob not the title ) ?ne thousand two hundred and thirty two holes are drilled into this piece of metal today" --- The 1232 may not be correct but it is close enough to be so. This song was played heaps on our local radio station in its time. I am in New Zealand. Thanks for looking

Posted: 02/02/08 03:51 PM
Author: cameldriver1
Location: australia
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does anyone know?
This song is called 'Words of Bartholomew" sung by Wayne Fontana
Posted: 02/03/08 12:08 PM
Author: Dan
Location: Claybricks
Posts: 2969


does anyone know?
Wayne Fontana - The Words Of Bartholomew {1968}

Cover song originally performed by 'The Rokes'

Here's a song clip...

Click to hear

Lyrics in this clip...

One thousand two hundred and thirty-four holes
I've drilled into this piece of metal today
One thousand two hundred and thirty-five holes
I've drilled into this piece of metal today
Bartholomew they say
you can't go home to your writing



Posted: 02/03/08 05:30 PM
Author: pete
Location: planet porphyry
Posts: 485


does anyone know?
Cameldriver1 is absolutely right. It's Wayne Fontana, no Mindbenders - they left Wayne towards the end of 1965, and he commenced a solo career. Of course The Mindbenders also enjoyed a few hits of their own like 'A Groovy Kind Of Love'.

Aaron From OHWC
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