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SubjectAuthorViewsRepliesLast Post
Female Folk Singer from the 60'sLexie Marlowe148131307/08/2008 04:51 PM
70's souljazz track IDnako822106/07/2008 06:58 PM
looking for two songsDan McHould859506/02/2008 05:56 PM
Help me find this songvtolersix608005/28/2008 04:32 PM
Can u help me name this disco tune?chamberlin11670205/22/2008 06:41 PM
help me figure out what this song/artist is ?Rane10388605/15/2008 11:26 PM
Need to find a song - "If Love is in Your Heart"Danpagl1415305/03/2008 08:40 PM
Dion? 60's?amfla883104/05/2008 09:20 AM
Desperately seeking a song nameatariboy781003/27/2008 05:22 PM
need help finding song..edit: posted clip of songroflwtflolomg915103/26/2008 03:52 PM
lokking for 80s songgamblern8646003/25/2008 01:27 PM
Help! What song is this???pureza1022103/24/2008 01:40 PM
Can you help with this song... 80's I think!swallow624003/02/2008 12:23 PM
Need Help Finding This Slow JamKermith331862502/23/2008 08:21 PM
The Momentsda answerman4467002/23/2008 07:59 PM
what song is this?!halfmiler141887202/15/2008 06:22 PM
Please help me find this songAnabela Costa619002/12/2008 08:38 PM
Help finding two songs!dbeau783202/06/2008 12:56 AM
Some help pleaseJason Sheldon867202/04/2008 08:06 PM
does anyone know?Warren1091302/03/2008 05:32 PM
Searching for a song by The Montereyslynden1032201/23/2008 05:17 AM
help finding songroflwtflolomg488001/08/2008 10:32 PM
"left me with love on my mind"roflwtflolomg848512/30/2007 06:50 PM
please help me find this song and artistqmary864212/29/2007 03:04 AM
Need Help Finding Name and artistMicster580012/28/2007 12:30 AM

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