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User Profile: Dan

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+ i can't figure it out
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+ please help
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+ please help me find the singer from early 60,s?
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+ please help me with this
+ Please help NO idea at all!!
+ PLEASE HELP! "MY LUCKY NUMBER IS 454" 80's song.
+ PLEASE HELP!!!!!!! Iam looking for a song late 80's early to mid 90's R&B Slow Jam
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+ PLZ HELP!!!!
+ Pure Gold
+ Question
+ rare 70's and 80's r&b/soul/funk
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+ SF-19900...The Wanderin' Five and the Appalachians: Hootenanny at the Limelight LP (196?)
+ Some Lyrics I have and Cant find a clue to whom sings it or what the title is.
+ soney soney
+ song
+ SONG ARTIST PLEASE..not by the animals!!
+ Song from 60s? "Seven Million People?
+ Song from late seventies or early eighties
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+ Song from the 70's haunting me!!
+ Song help
+ Song name (I think its form the 50's)
+ song title
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+ still searching
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+ The Best Websites to Find Titles of Songs? ...........................................
+ The Seasons
+ The words transfusion and confusion or contusion
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+ want list 12 inchers
+ Watch the birdie - everybody say peace
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+ what's that early 70's song with the chorus "but you don't even know yourself , poor little girl your out of this world, Mary Ann".
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+ who sang it
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+ Who Sang?
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+ yet another oldie i need
+ "Blue: groups
+ "Dig" by Jimmy Drake (aka Nervous Norvus)
+ "How do you do...."lyrics
+ "I'm Never Going To Love Again"
+ "Jimmie Mac, when are you coming back?"
+ "left me with love on my mind"
+ "Simple Game" is on what LP by The Moody Blues?

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